Relieving Chronic Heartburn with Surgery

If you suffer from chronic heartburn, you may wonder what your options for relief are available. While most chronic heartburn can be managed through lifestyle changes and medicine, some patients opt for surgery. Below are some of the things you should consider if you are interested in treating your heartburn through surgical options.

Surgery isn’t for everyone

Studies have shown that surgery is often a more effective treatment for chronic, severe heartburn than other medical interventions, so you may be inclined to seek out surgery as the first line of defense against your heartburn. However, it’s important to understand that all surgical procedures carry certain risks and should be avoided if your symptoms can be managed by medication or lifestyle changes.

Additionally, if you have certain conditions such as heart failure, severe kidney disease, breathing problems, clotting issues, and existing issues with swallowing or if you are elderly or obese patients you should carefully weigh the benefits and risks of surgery before making a decision.

However, surgery can be an excellent option if you have severe heartburn, don’t respond to medication, or do not want to be on medication for the rest of your life. If you are interested in surgical treatment, you should discuss your options with Dr. Treen at Surgical Clinic of Louisiana. He will be able to assess your situation and determine the safest, most efficient surgery for your specific circumstances.

Deciding to undergo surgery

The decision to undergo surgery should be made jointly by you and Dr. Treen. He will take a medical history and give you a physical exam. He may also want to run some tests to determine the exact cause of your problems. You should be prepared to share what steps you have taken to control your heartburn, whether lifestyle changes, over-the-counter medications, or treatment under the care of another doctor.

Dr. Treen may suggest a non-surgical option first, so it is important to be open minded while discussing your treatment options.

Preparing for surgery

Depending on your current health, you may need to prepare for the surgery for several weeks or just a few days. If you are on certain medications such as blood thinners, you may need to wean off of them before you can undergo surgery. If your heartburn can be controlled with medication and you are obese, you may decide to lose weight before your surgery. Dr. Treen will help you decide when it will be appropriate to schedule your surgery.

Most heartburn surgeries require you to have a clear, liquid diet for a day or two before the procedure. Additionally, you will likely be required to fast completely for a certain number of hours before your appointment. It is important to follow these instructions because eating too close to your surgery can result in complications.

The day of your surgery, you should shower. Dr. Treen may request you use a specific type of soap. You should not apply lotions or perfumes, and you should not shave near the surgery site. You should plan to check-in early and have your identification and insurance information with you.

Planning to recover

Your recovery time will depend on which type of surgery you undergo. A few options are outpatient procedures, meaning you will go home the day of the procedure. In this case, you should prepare to have someone drive you home. Other procedures require a multiple day stay in a hospital. You should be prepared with an overnight bag and take an appropriate amount of time off work.

Around 90% of people are happy with the outcomes of surgery to manage their heartburn. If you suffer from chronic or severe heartburn, you should make an appointment with Dr. Treen to determine if you are a candidate for similar relief.

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