West Jefferson Medical Center has full-service fitness centers in two locations which are available for use by our bariatric surgery patients. These state of the art facilities are under the leadership and management of Mr. Tim Bracey, senior vice president of WJMC. Each facility is fully staffed by trained, certified exercise and fitness experts who are well qualified to maximize your weight loss and recondition your body.

  • Jeff West Fitness Center - Oakwood
  • 175 Hector Ave
  • Terrytown, LA 70056
  • Call (504) 348-0055 or (504) 349-6908

  • Jeff West Fitness Center - Marrero
  • 1121 Medical Center Blvd
  • Marrero, LA 70072

Fitness and Conditioning:

Patients are able to take advantage of the many benefits of the West Jeff Fitness Center, including an individual Assessment, Orientation and Personalized Exercise Plan designed for weight loss and muscle tone.

This benefit is available upon referral from the surgeon pre-operatively and/ or post-operatively.

Physical/Occupational Therapy:

Outpatient rehabilitation services are offered to patients pre-operatively and/or post-operatively upon referral from the surgeon based on physical assessment, medical history of orthopedic disorders or inability to participate in a structured exercise regimen.

  • The Rehab Connection - Marrero
  • 4519 Westbank Expressway
  • Marrero, LA 70072

  • The Rehab Connection - Oakwood
  • 175 Hector Ave.
  • Terrytown, LA 70056

Call (504) 349-6140 or (504) 349-6250 for more information.

Free Weight loss seminars

We conduct regularly scheduled seminars reviewing the entire bariatric surgery program which are FREE and open to anyone. 

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