Nutritional Services


Nutritional Services

Our program includes the availability of nutritional counseling and support group meetings. Registered dieticians trained in weight management are dedicated to assisting you in learning about proper diet habits before and after your surgery. In addition, our coordinators are very knowledgeable about specific nutritional and dietary supplements which have been proven to speed your weight loss while maintaining properly balanced nutrition. Many of these products are available through our office at discounted prices.

Nutritional Counseling

After a referral from a weight loss surgeon, a pre-operative and post-operative nutritional assessment is performed by a Registered Dietitian who will develop a personalized pre-op and post-op weight loss plan. The dietitian will educate you about the lifestyle and dietary changes necessary after surgery for success.

Call the West Jeff Fitness Center - Marrero, 1121 Medical Center Blvd Marrero, LA., (504) 348­-0055 or the West Jeff Fitness Center Oakwood, 175 Hector Ave Terrytown, LA (504) 349­-6908 for more information.

Free Weight loss seminars

We conduct regularly scheduled seminars reviewing the entire bariatric surgery program which are FREE and open to anyone. 

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