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While the LAP-BAND® procedure is one of the leading surgeries for weight loss, in some cases, you may need to reposition, replace, or even remove the band. With the help of David C. Treen, Jr., MD, FACS, FASMBS, and the team at Surgical Clinic of Louisiana, you can get a minimally invasive LAP-BAND revision. The clinic, located in Marrero, Louisiana, and near Woodmere, Estelle, Harvey, and Westwego, can help you reach your weight loss goals and get you back on track. To see if a revision is right for you, click or call to schedule an evaluation today.

Lapband Revision Q & A

Surgical Clinic of Louisiana

Why do I need a LAP-BAND revision?

A LAP-BAND revision is tailored to meet your specific needs. The most common reason for needing a LAP-BAND revision is because of an infection around the site of the port of entry. When this occurs, your bariatric surgeon will typically need to remove the band. You may also need your LAP-BAND removed if you:

  • Regain weight
  • Aren’t losing enough weight
  • Aren’t tolerating the band well
  • Have chronic heartburn

If you still need to lose weight and the LAP-BAND isn’t working for you, your bariatric surgical team may suggest having a gastric sleeve or duodenal switch surgery instead. These effective weight loss surgeries can help you continue to lose weight and keep it off.

You may also need a LAP-BAND revision if the band shifts out of place. And, if you’ve had the band for a while, it might simply be time to replace it.

How is a LAP-BAND revision done?

First, Dr. Treen makes a few small incisions — sometimes over your old incisions. Then, using laparoscopic instruments and specialized tools, he repositions or replaces your band.

If you’re having a sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, or another type of surgery to replace your LAP-BAND, Dr. Treen and his team might perform this surgery at the same time they remove your band.

Once your surgery is complete, the team will likely close up your incisions with surgical glue or dissolvable stitches.

What is the recovery period after a LAP-BAND revision?

Your recovery after a LAP-BAND revision will depend on why you’re having it done. Expect to be out of work and at home resting for at least a few days if you’re having your band repositioned, replaced, or removed. It can take up to 2-3 weeks to start getting back to your normal routine.

If you’re having another surgery at the same time — such as a gastric bypass procedure — it can take up to one month or more to get back to your regular activities. The team at Surgical Clinic of Louisiana will work with you to let you know what you should expect after your LAP-BAND revision. They’ll also continue supporting you through medical evaluations and weight loss counseling to ensure you keep losing weight.

If you need a LAP-BAND revision, click or call to schedule an evaluation at Surgical Clinic of Louisiana today.