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Surgical Clinic of Louisiana offers complete and comprehensive surgical care in multiple areas: general surgery, weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery), and hernia surgery to include advanced abdominal wall reconstruction. Our bariatric program includes counseling, education, and support before and after surgery. Our patients are achieving amazing, lasting weight loss results. We believe that our patients' success is a responsibility we share, which is why our comprehensive program is structured to go beyond surgery to include the medical, nutritional, and emotional support and guidance that will help ensure that you reach your goal. And our experience in the area of hernia surgery is widely acclaimed across the South and the United States.


Following several years of development, recruitment of dedicated and caring team members, evaluation of various surgical procedures, and implementation of stringent patient care processes, our high standards, and exceptional outcomes have been recognized and awarded the highest honor achievable by bariatric surgeons around the world. "This re-certification as a Comprehensive Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Center has been the result of years of hard work by our surgeons, nurses, staff, and support systems, and is an achievement of which we are all very proud," said Dr. David Treen, founder of the Surgical Clinic of Louisiana, and director of the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at West Jefferson Medical Center.

According to Dr. Peter Lundberg, "Being certified as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence enables us to provide surgical weight loss options to a much broader group of patients. This would include Medicare beneficiaries, as well as other patients whose insurance companies require a Center of Excellence for their patients having bariatric surgery benefits."

Many years ago, surgeons performing weight loss surgery recognized the need to establish standards for quality as well as mechanisms to report their results into a collective database. The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery was instrumental in establishing guidelines and criteria for hospitals and surgeons to be designated as Certified Comprehensive Centers. Facilities and surgeons with this certification have distinguished themselves as meeting the necessary standards of quality, and participate in the collection of data defining their results.

Among the requirements for certification are that the hospital must perform a certain number of weight loss operations annually. In addition, treatment pathways, nursing protocols, specialty physician consultation availability, and bariatric specific equipment and instrumentation are required.

Dr. Treen and Dr. Lundberg, along with West Jefferson Medical Center, are recipients of this certification, and continue to place quality, safety, and results at the forefront of our effort to provide bariatric surgery services to our community and referring physicians, with "compassion and respect".


With the establishment of the Hernia Institute of Louisiana, our surgeons are among the most respected and accomplished hernia specialists in the country.

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