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You might need an abdominal wall reconstruction if you have recurring hernias or slow-healing wounds in your abdominal wall. At Surgical Clinic of Louisiana in Marrero, Louisiana, you can have a minimally invasive abdominal wall reconstruction with one of the area’s leading surgeons, David C. Treen, Jr., MD, FACS, FASMBS. His specialized surgical team, near Woodmere, Estelle, Harvey, and Westwego, can perform even the most complex of abdominal wall reconstructions. See what the team can do for you by clicking or calling to schedule an evaluation today.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Q & A

Surgical Clinic of Louisiana

Why do I need an abdominal wall reconstruction?

An abdominal wall reconstruction is considered a complex type of surgery that’s essential for correcting abdominal weaknesses. Generally, these weaknesses are due to reoccurring hernias or old wounds — including surgical wounds — that never healed properly.

This specialized and highly technical procedure involves repositioning your abdominal muscles. Not only does this provide a comprehensive repair, it also reinforces your abdominal wall, making it stronger than it was before.

What happens during abdominal wall reconstruction surgery?

During your abdominal wall reconstruction surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, Dr. Treen makes several incisions along your abdomen. He carefully rearranges your abdominal muscles in a manner that corrects the underlying weakness or defect.

To ensure your abdominal muscles have the support they need after repositioning, he often implants a biologic mesh, which is made of animal tissue. Over time, this mesh incorporates itself into your abdominal tissue and becomes a permanent fixture.

The final step involves closing up your incisions with stitches. Because your abdominal muscles are going to feel tighter in their new positions, most men and women report feeling like they’re wearing a girdle for the first few days after surgery.

Does an abdominal wall reconstruction really work?

Yes! The results should last a lifetime. If you’ve had issues with reoccurring hernias, for instance, you likely won’t have to worry about future problems since your abdominal wall is going to be tighter and stronger.

How long does recovery take after abdominal wall reconstruction?

An abdominal wall reconstruction is a complex and somewhat invasive procedure, so you’ll need to plan on being out of work for at least a week. Dr. Treen and his team generally advise patients to gradually start performing routine tasks, like driving and cooking, as they feel ready. This could take up to a couple of weeks.

In many cases, you might be back to most of your regular activities and exercises within 4-6 weeks. It can take up to a couple of months or more for a full recovery.

The team at Surgical Clinic of Louisiana will monitor you and let you know how much weight you can lift and how much movement is safe for you. It’s important to follow the team’s guidelines so your recovery goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.  

If you need an abdominal wall reconstruction, click or call to schedule a consultation with the expert team at Surgical Clinic of Louisiana today.